Our Services 

A Holistic approach to medical care in the Greater Muizenberg Area is the aim of Marina Medical. We want to see the best possible care from infancy to the twilight years offered to every soul who walks through the door.  

As part of this holistic approach, we are contracted with Discovery Keycare and Medihelp Necesse as well as the majority of major Medical Aids available in South Africa. If you are unsure if your particular fund is covered, please contact us and we will confirm if your particular option is part of our portfolio of contracts. If not, we will gladly provide you a receipted invoice for you to submit to you fund for reimbursement. 

Legislation prevents us from including the Rand price of a consultation on the site, however basic medication is included in our GP consultation fee. Do note, however that certain procedures performed in the rooms such as application of stitches and nebulisation do carry an additional fee due to the cost of materials. As far as possible we try to charge only what our suppliers charge us for these materials.

Please feel free to contact us, and we will let you know our current rates. 

If medication we do not carry on hand is required, the doctor will provide a prescription for you to take to the pharmacy of your choice.  

The ethos of Marina Medical is simple: get it right first time as often as possible. This may mean that a slightly different medication is prescribed which may be a little higher in price at the pharmacy, however the aim is to avoid you needing to come back for a second consultation after a week or two for the same problem. We want to save you the time, effort, discomfort and (let's be frank here) money involved in repeat visits for simple problems. 

 Whilst our aim is to resolve simple issues with a minimum of fuss, we recognise that certain chronic conditions require regular monitoring. We are happy to do this, and where required to refer to a specialist physician who can give more advice on management of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart conditions along with the other Prescribed Minimum Benefit chronic conditions set out by the Department of Health and a variety of additional chronic but not necessarily life-threatening conditions which may require more specialised treatment.

Marina Medical has a network of specialist physicians (including psychiatrists), surgeons. physiotherapists and psychologists we refer to for these conditions where you can expect to receive the same level of compassion and care we want to offer you at our rooms.

Above all, we want to see you thrive both physically and emotionally. Our aim is simple: We want to see every patient well and living healthy lives. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your queries.

If you have any comments regarding Marina Medical and your experience with our rooms, please let us know. We will do our best to respond to you directly, but if you don't receive a personal response, please remember we take all comments seriously and every point is considered.

Your voice matters to us. Your opinion matters and we would appreciate your feedback. Please note, however, that feedback regarding service is likely to be responded to by David rather than Dr Rene. This allows Dr Rene to focus on the medicine while the running and administration is taken care of! 


Letitia Rustin  offers a variety of treatments for both acute and chronic issues.

She is happy to submit your claim for you to your medical aid or you are welcome to  pay on the day.


Dr Raeesa is contracted to Keycare and will gladly submit your claims for you. She offers a comprehensive range of treatment in line with the overall ethos of the Centre.